Extreme Heat Events – Updated August 2022

New Climate Guide to Extreme Heat Events

New extreme heat events continue to show their vicious sides in so many parts of the world from the Arctic to the tropics. Current international research (https://insideclimatenews.org/news/27072022/jet-stream-heat-waves/)  demonstrates that perturbations in the jetstream correlates with simultaneous heat-domes to form and stagnate across the globe. This has happened several times this year and may get even more frequent as the climate continues to warm. This research may help predict the formation of these extreme heat events prior to their becoming life-threatening conditions.

At the same time, research documents the very dangerous effects when extreme temperatures are combined with air pollution including fine particulates (P2.5).


Extreme heat is proving to be especially dangerous to manual laborers including those who work outdoors. Municipalities need to have fine-scale temperature/humidity monitoring to document urban heat-islands. Local laws need to be in place to allow laborers to stay indoors during periods of dangerous heat. Cooling centres are important for all residents, especially those who may not have access to air-conditioning.

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