A while back, in the summer of 2022, we embarked upon a project aimed at bringing together the youth of province and senior citizens from the same geographical neighbourhoods to discuss the similarities and differences between the two age groups as it relates to how we view climate crises. Our Intergenerational Conversations on Climate series encapsulated in its 12 episodes ways that we can combat the effects of climate change in our area and beyond, as each topic discussed was relevant to any community. Our podcast was listened to by hundreds of people not just from around the corner, but around the globe spanning countries in Asia and Europe. We invite you to use the link at the top of the page to listen to each episode for yourself and be entertained and informed. With the project at a close, we think it’s important to bring to you an informative primer to empower you to perhaps contribute by producing a podcast of your own.
  1. How-To: A Podcast Primer
  2. Episode 12 – The Grand Finale Roundtable with Reagan, Conner, Luciel, and Bella
  3. Episode 11 – Bob and Reagan
  4. Episode 10 – Clair and Brayden
  5. Episode 9 – Bella and Paul

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