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Conversations on Climate

Episode 10 – Clair and Brayden Intergenerational Conversations on Climate

Is mass transportation the answer to local climate change challenges? Brayden and Clair join Dr. Bruce Langhus as we explore this question and many more.
  1. Episode 10 – Clair and Brayden
  2. Episode 9 – Bella and Paul
  3. Episode 8 – Conner and Tom
  4. Episode 7 – Luciel and Kim
  5. Episode 6 – Bruce and John

Inform – Topics below will be updated to reflect the most recent science. Click to download.

Bruce standing with tool in front of his hand-carved butternut wood mask of Chief Eagle Eye.

Our art activities – Wood Carving and Quilt Repairing

Orchardist Marian celebrating the new porch and the donation of one ton of apples to the Fredericton Food Bank.

Videos – Reflections by Marian

Spiritual Stories Showcase

New Climate Guides Providing Leadership as We Face Climate Crises

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  3. Looking forward to your essay on becoming spiritual is like becoming a cook.

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