Sew40 – Sewing by Machine or Hand for 40 days Summer ’23

Daily writing prompt
Describe one habit that brings you joy.

Sewing whilst watching a Netflix “soap” at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. As a response to some harsh treatment by church leadership, I felt I needed a “40 days” but Advent and Lent were too far away. I wondered what would change in me if I sewed every day for 40 days. No restrictions, my time could be spent mending or creating. On Day 15, I have resurrected a top that I previously made from a vintage tablecloth, made a “big sister reading pillow”, a cushion made from a woven apron, and a cushion out of blue fur that looks like a bear head. So far I have learned that I love my afternoon soap, brushed up on my sewing skills, and made a special time for just for me!

The joy associated with sewing goes beyond the finished projects. The “big sister reading pillow” may become my anticipated gift for new babies”. The bear head is designed for anyone to hug and maybe soak up some tears as life moves on. Up-cycling the tablecloth into a summer top and the woven apron speak on “uniqueness”. I look at the art deco tablecloth and I remember using it at my bed and breakfast. When the material is pressed with a hot iron, it begs to be touched and the smell brings memories pleasant to behold. Being almost 100 years old, it is a fabric that commands respect and a little sewing touch up after laundering. The blue dress served as a pattern for the top.

Hand sewing has a “peace” all of its own as I experienced with the making or the apron cushion and Blue Bear. Holding the cushion and sewing each stitch by hand gives a feeling of creation and formation to me as I sew around and make a finished project.

Summer Sew40 - four projects completed
Four projects complete in the first 13 days of “Sew 40”

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