Town reviews its policy on who can speak in their center

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Village council wants controversial speaker event to ‘never happen again’

A village council “unbeknownst to them” hosted a controversial speaker at their community center. What could possibly upset a village of approximately 4000 people, a mere 10-minute drive south of Fredericton, the capital of New Brunswick, Canada? 

“Making the citizens feel safe” is the goal of their mayor who stives to never allow a speaker like this in again. I had to ask what could possibly shake this community to the extent that the mayor’s office received over 200 complaints that a Christian conservative, Tanya Gaw, Founder of Action4Canada spoke there. The New Maryland Council is investigating their rights in allowing who to speak in their center.

The information on the site seems like an organization I would be interested in investigating for myself. 

“Action4Canada is a grassroots movement reaching out to millions of Canadians and UNITING our voices in opposition to the destructive policies tearing at the fabric of this nation. Through Call-To-ACTION campaigns, we educate, equip, and empower citizens to take action.
We are committed to protecting… FAITH, FAMILY and FREEDOM.”

I looked into the story and asked, “how does this connect to my life?

Tanya Gaw, founder of A4C is on a tour of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick this summer and I listened to the first 48 minutes of her two-hour presentation. It was enough to leave me informed what Christian Conservatism could bring to me and the country.

Vaccinations would never be mandatory, school boards across the country would all have the conservative Christian voice. No Islamic people would be allowed to immigrate to Canada. 

Pick any topic proposed by the Make America Great Again supporters of Trump and you would hear it in Gaw’s strong, well-organized, passionate, articulate stump speech.

The number one topic that struck fear through me is her insistence that God is telling her to “Claim Canada as a Protestant Christian Nation”. If that doesn’t scare everyone, I can’t think of what would.  

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  1. This is terrifying. Thanks for bringing it to my attention Marian!

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