Caribou, moose, and wild boar – all on one plate

Daily writing prompt
What’s the most money you’ve ever spent on a meal? Was it worth it?

I wasn’t a vegetarian thirty years ago when I purchased a meal in a resort above Boulder, Colorado. The cost, whatever it was, gave me a perspective on wild game. Caribou and moose, how hard are they to “put on your table?” But the wild boar, now that is a hunting challenge but the meat is well worth it.

When ever the topic arises of the invasion of wild boar into eastern Canada, I recall the meal with desire.

Would I eat wild boar today? If someone was talented enough to kill one on my property, I would have my butcher friend cut it up so as to share with my neighbors. I would prepare a dinner worthy of this remarkable beast using food that I have grown and harvested from my garden and property. Glaze of honey, wild mustard, blue and black berries, sage and capers. Potatoes, carrots, apples, and beans would be available in plenty. Desert of apples and maple syrup would round out the meal.

Spending money on wild boar and comparing it to moose and caribou was worth every penny; for the taste and the perspective it has given me.

Leaving dinner aside: ever since I saw a stuffed boar’s head above the mantle at the country club on Jekyll Island, I have wanted to make one out of brown tweed but what would I used for tusks?

I respect this frightening animal, its power, its drive, and yes, its taste! The damage that it can do to farmland and forests is nothing short of awesome in a horrific way. Would I recommend them as a wild food source? Yes!

I could never have recommended eating wild boar without that expensive meal!

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