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People are busy, people are concerned, people want to know about the climate situations. But who has the time to read all of the legitimate news media and make up their own minds about topics such as tipping points or the effects of climate on their health. Can any one person fathom the intensity of the headlines related to flooding, drought, food scarcity, and the economy?

New Climate Guides, Bruce and Marian, seek to share their knowledge and the results of their constant, inexhaustible research on climate change and how it affects lives.

The New Climate Guides wants their site to be the primary place people go to for answers related to climate. An example would be a real estate agent wanting to understand sea-level rise and the relationship to properties along the seacoast or river ways.

Tradespeople related to building, mitigation, or repair need a place to go in order to understand the potential of climate on new building codes.

Educators at all levels, clergy, and government figures wanting to share sound science about the climate to their students, parishioners, and friends. Caregivers seeking to the health dangers represented by extreme heat would find pertinent information.

Further reading suggestions are offered in all categories. Presentations are also for some topics. The site features collation of up-to-date research from around the world.

New Climate Guides aim to raise awareness of the urgency and science behind the headlines. Please add your email on the homepage to receive updates.

Email any suggestions or related questions.

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